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Here are a few of our frequently asked questions about our service and CBD.

Questions about our service.

Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to all of the UK, so you can be sure that we’ll get your order to you no matter where you are. Whether you’re in London or Liverpool, Glasgow or Gateshead, we’ll make sure it arrives promptly and in perfect condition. Thanks for choosing our service!

What is the cut off point for next day delivery?
Next-day delivery is available for orders placed before 3pm. After that, the order will be dispatched the following day.

Where can I see the lab reports for your products?
We take pride in the quality of our products and want you to be confident in their performance. That’s why we provide lab reports for each product on its respective page. Simply click on the next picture tab to view the results of our rigorous testing. We’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the results!

Where do I enter the discount code?
If you have a discount code, you can enter it on the checkout page. To do so, simply enter your code in the “Discount Code” box and click “Apply.” The total amount due will be updated to reflect the discount. Please note that only one discount code can be applied per order.

Whats the best most effective product ?
When it comes to CBD oil, there are a lot of different products on the market. So, finding the most effective one depends on what you are using the product for and your personal preference. We would advise you to read our about CBD page to find more information on how each method of consumption works, to see which product would be most suitable for you.

We have CBD oil UK with a potency of up to 40%. This is a very strong product that has been found to be effective by many people. Our oil is made from broad spectrum CBD oil UK, which means it contains the right balance of cannabinoids and terpenes. This is optimal for the entourage effect.

If you’re looking for the perfect CBD cream UK? Look no further than our organic, natural products. Our 2 signature creams contain 500mg and 1000mg of broad-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) plus other natural plant-based ingredients which are known to have inflammation-reducing properties, while also improving your skin’s moisture levels! Whether you are looking for joint or muscle treatment or something more targeted like body lotion for problematic skin, then, we’ve got it handled with our CBD Hemp extract magic in a jar!

Maybe you would prefer vaping our CBD vape UK ? We believe that our CBD and CBG mix vape juice is the best on the market. So, If you’re looking for a vape juice that can help you relax and unwind, then our CBD and CBG mix is the perfect choice. CBD is well-known for its calming properties, while CBG is a less well-known cannabinoid that has similar effects. Together, they make for a seriously relaxing vape juice that’s perfect for winding down at the end of the day.

No matter what product you choose, make sure to do your research first. Read reviews and compare prices before making a purchase. And always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.


Questions about CBD Oil UK

What is CBD Cannabidol?
What is CBD? It’s not psychoactive, so it doesn’t make you high. It doesn’t contain THC, either—that’s the chemical in marijuana that causes a high. So how can it help you? Well, the CBD in CBD oil is one of over 60 compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant, both marijuana and hemp plants. And while CBD oil has long been used as a medicine by humans, studies show that CBD may also be helpful in treating certain diseases and conditions in humans and animals.

Can Children Use CBD ?
Some parents do give their children CBD, however, it depends on why you’re giving them CBD some children suffer from a serious conditions such as epilepsy or cancer. You should always check with a doctor first before giving it to a child as CBD can interact with certain medications.
sales to under 18s is strictly prohibited!

​What is THC?
THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of over 60 compounds in cannabis that belong to a class of molecules called cannabinoids. THC and other cannabinoids are responsible for producing various effects within the human body known as the high or getting stoned.

Doe’s CBD get you high?
CBD hemp oil won’t get you high, as it contains less than 1mg THC by volume. CBD’s euphoric effects are linked to its interaction with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network of receptor sites located throughout your body that react to cannabinoid compounds.

Does CBD have any side affects?
Yes, CBD can have side effects. Much like any other supplement or medication derived from a plant, marijuana contains hundreds of different compounds. While most people do not experience any negative side effects when using CBD, some may experience side effects such as drowsiness, dry mouth, lightheadedness and decreased appetite. These side effects are usually mild and tend to diminish over time. Consult your physician before using CBD if you are taking other medications or are currently under treatment for any medical condition.

Can You Take CBD while pregnant or breastfeeding?
We don’t recommend it due to the lack of research! But some people do use CBD products when they are pregnant or breastfeeding. However, it’s not as straightforward as taking a medication. Since it can pass through your bloodstream and into your breast milk, If you’re thinking of using CBD oil while pregnant or breastfeeding, talk with your doctor first about whether it’s right for you and how much to take.

Whats the Difference between Hemp and Marijuana?
Although marijuana and hemp are both members of the Cannabis sativa family, they are actually very different. The primary difference between these two plants lies in their chemical makeup. While marijuana contains high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it actually contains low levels of CBD (cannabidiol), hemp contains only trace amounts of THC and high levels of CBD.
This is why CBD products are mainly produced from industrial hemp plants.

Will I fail a drugs test if I take CBD ?
Although CBD oil can be used to relieve pain and anxiety, it’s important to know that it won’t cause you to fail a drug test. Drug Tests look for THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) so if you are randomly drug tested at work, it’s always safer to go for a broad-spectrum CBD oil as broad-spectrum oils don’t contain any THC, unlike the trace amount you find in a full-spectrum oil. Our CBD Hemp extracts are certified THC Free, which means they contains less than 0.1% of THC.

​Can you take CBD 0il with other medications?
One of the most common concerns that arises when taking cannabidiol (CBD) oil, or any supplement containing cannabinoids like CBD and THC, is how they interact with prescription medications. Taking CBD oil with other medications can be dangerous depending on the medication. When it comes to taking CBD oil alongside your prescription medication, you should always consult your GP.

Is CBD oil legal in the UK?
Yes, CBD oil is legal in the UK as long as it is sold as a food supplement and contains less than 1mg of THC. However, medical claims cannot be made about CBD products.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?
The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a biological system that plays a vital role in maintaining homeostasis within the body. The ECS is involved in regulating a wide variety of physiological and cognitive processes, including pain, inflammation, appetite, mood, and memory.

The ECS is composed of cannabinoid receptors that are found throughout the body, as well as endogenous cannabinoids that are produced by the body. The cannabinoid receptors are responsible for binding to cannabinoids and initiating the various physiological effects that they produce. The two most well-known endogenous cannabinoids are Anandamide and 2-AG.

Can CBD help with depression, anxiety, stress, pain, or menopause, and cancer ?
CBD oil is becoming more and more popular as a natural way to help with a variety of health issues, But due to UK law, we are not permitted to make any medical claims. You can always have a quick google to find out more information regarding what CBD oil can help with.

What is CO2 extraction?

CO2 extraction is a process that uses carbon dioxide to extract oils and other compounds from plants. CO2 extraction can be used to produce essential oils, CBD oil, and other products. The process works by using carbon dioxide at high pressure and low temperature to extract the desired compounds from the plant material.

How many milligrams of CBD are there per drop of Forever Greens CBD Oil UK ?

5% (100mg) = 2.5 mg per drop

10% (2000mg) = 5 mg per drop

15% (3000mg) = 7.5 mg per drop

20% (4000mg) = 10 mg per drop

(Total mg of CBD/total number of drops)

Each 20ml bottle has approx 400 drops.

Each 30ml bottle has approx 600 drops

CBD oil is a popular natural remedy for many common ailments. But how long does it take to feel the effects of CBD oil?

It depends. CBD oil is taken in different ways, and the effects can vary depending on how it is consumed. For example, if you take CBD oil under the tongue, it will be absorbed into the bloodstream and enter the brain quicker than if you swallow it.

Most people will start to feel the effects of CBD oil within a few minutes. However, some people may take longer to feel the effects, depending on their individual physiology. CBD oil can also build up in the system over time, so you may not feel the full effects until you’ve been taking it for a few days or weeks.

If you’re new to CBD oil, start with a low dose and increase gradually until you find the dose that works for you. It’s also important to be patient as it can take a few days or weeks for the full effects of CBD oil to be felt. for more information check out our about CBD page

What is the difference between CBD hemp oil and hemp seed oil?

There are many different types of CBD oil on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Hemp seed oil and CBD hemp oil are two different products, with very different benefits.

Hemp seed oil is made from the seeds of the cannabis plant. It is a cold-pressed oil, meaning that it is extracted without using any chemicals or heat. This type of oil is rich in essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins and minerals. It can be used to improve skin and hair health, and it is also a great cooking oil. It contains very little to no CBD.

CBD hemp oil, on the other hand, is made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the cannabis plant. It is a full-spectrum oil, meaning that it contains all of the cannabinoids and other compounds found in the plant.

Why do I need to shake the CBD bottle/Tincture?
The CBD oil bottle should be shaken before each use because the oil and the ingredients within it tend to separate. When you shake the bottle, you mix the ingredients together so that they are evenly distributed when you take your dosage. This ensures that you get the full benefits of CBD oil.

Can CBD be absorbed through the skin?
CBD oil is not typically absorbed through the skin. However, there are CBD creams and other topicals that are specifically designed for transdermal absorption. These products usually contain a carrier oil or cream base, as well as other ingredients like beeswax or essential oils. When applied to the skin, these products allow CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This process bypasses the digestive system, making it an efficient way to deliver CBD to the body. a transdermal absorption is a great option for those who want to experience the benefits of CBD without having to ingest it. It is also a good choice for those who have trouble digesting CBD oil or who want to avoid the potential side effects that can come with taking it orally. If you’re interested in trying a CBD topical, be sure to try one of ours!

What is a Whole Plant Extract?
Simply put, a whole plant extract is an extract that contains all of the compounds that naturally occur in the hemp plant. This includes CBD, as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD Isolate or Distillate are not classed as whole plant extracts, as they only contain CBD and no other cannabinoids or terpenes.

Is CBD Psychoactive?

The answer to the question, “Is CBD psychoactive?” is yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s dangerous or unsafe. Psychoactive substances simply refer to any substance that has a significant effect on the mind. And CBD definitely fits into that category.

But what does that mean for you? Does CBD make you high? The answer to that is no. CBD does not produce the same psychoactive effects as THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana. So you can rest assured that you won’t get any unwanted side effects from taking CBD.

So why is CBD psychoactive? It all has to do with how it binds to receptors in the brain. When CBD binds to receptors in the brain, it alters the way that those receptors work. This can lead to a variety of different effects, depending on which receptors are affected. In general, though, the psychoactive effects of CBD are thought to be beneficial.

What is broad spectrum?
Broad Spectrum is a term used to describe cbd oil products that contain a variety of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, and CBG. Because these products contain a range of cannabinoids, they offer a broader spectrum of benefits than products that contain only CBD. Broad-spectrum cbd oil is thought to be more effective than cbd oil alone, and is a popular choice for those looking for relief from various conditions.


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